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About Sweet Dreams Soaps

At SD handmade soaps all our products are handmade with only all natural ingredients. All natural beauty products although they are the best for skincare tend to be very boring and bland at times.

Our mission is to provide our customers with all natural beauty products that are the best for your skincare and just because its all-natural we don't believe is an excuse for them to be bland and boring. Life is full of colors and happy moments, we just need to learn to take advantage of them! 

Herlinda Mondragon (CEO- Owner) at a young age learned to make handmade soap from her mother in a small town in Morelos Mexico, with recipes that had been handed down for generations with in the family. At those times soap was made out of necessity for daily hygiene care little did they know that years down the road she would perfect the recipe and grow it into what it is now where SD handmade soaps can provide a variety of all natural organic beauty products to you. there's nothing better for your health than all natural products, the way skin/hair care products are meant to be.

 We like to call it going back to our roots.